Six steps to retire debt-free

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Wondering how you’ll ever be able to retire with your current retirement savings nest egg? Make a plan to retire debt free. When you retire with fewer expenses, you may find that retirement is more affordable — and feasible — than you think.

An online platform, www., itemises some steps to make one retire debt free. These include ‘keep your housing costs low; consider shorter-term loans, eliminate credit debt as soon as possible.; Never co-sign; Set tangible goals and Resist lifestyle inflation.

Here are the six simple steps you can take now in order to retire debt free.

Keep your housing costs low

Whether you opt to own your home or rent, advises that you keep monthly housing expenses (which includes the cost of rent/mortgage payment, plus insurance and applicable taxes) to no more than 28 per cent of your monthly income.

While managing your housing expenses may take some sacrifice, particularly if you live in an expensive area, the premise is simple: The lower your housing costs relative to your income, the more cash you’ll have to pay down and avoid debt, invest, save and contribute to your retirement account(s).

Consider shorter-term loans

When your goal is to retire debt free, financing major purchases like a home or a car with a shorter term loan (like a 36-month car loan, or a 15-year mortgage) can help you stay honest about what you can truly afford, while reducing how much you have to pay to borrow, and for how long.

Though advisors explain that shorter loan terms require the financial discipline and confidence to take on a more significant monthly payment, shorter term loans usually have lower interest rates than their longer term counterparts.

Once the loan is paid off and you no longer have a monthly payment, you’ll have additional cash flow, and will own a valuable asset outright.

Never co-sign

If your name is listed on any credit account or loan as an official co-signer , it’s legally considered your debt — even if you didn’t make the purchases required to create it. If the person for whom you co-signed doesn’t pay the debt as agreed, it could become your responsibility. If you want to retire debt free, don’t put your name on any debt you don’t have complete ownership over.

Set tangible goals

You may know you want to retire debt free. But how exactly will you get there? For example, consider: How much debt you have now; how much you can afford to pay toward the debt each month; how many months you’ll need to pay on the debt, until it’s paid in full and  how you will track your progress

Form an action plan for how much you’ll need to save in order to slowly pay down debts each month. Identify what sacrifices you may need to make to get in the habit of paying debt consistently, along with new habits (like automatic bill payments) that can make it easier to work toward (and stick to) your goals.

Resist lifestyle inflation

As you become debt free, you’ll have more spendable income. Ironically, that can reduce the pressure to budget carefully, and cause you to spend more freely than you did when had less cash. But the goal to retire debt free isn’t just about paying off debt; it requires staying out of it.

As you pay down debt, give your new-found cash flow a new purpose in your budget, including investing, saving and increasing retirement contributions, so you’re not tempted to spend more, just because you can technically afford it.


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