Why Buhari, Osinbajo team is winning – APC chieftain

By Zika Bobby

A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) chief Modestus Umenzekwe has come in defense of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration, saying the retired general’s victory at the 2015 presidential election was the best thing to have happened to Nigeria.
He further said what the present administration needs from Nigerians was patience, for a better Nigeria to emerge. He also spoke on other issues.
Do you think that President Mohammadu Buhari’s absence has affected governance?
The issue of President Mohammadu Buhari not appearing in public and Federal Executive Council meetings is being over flogged. The pair of Buhari and his deputy, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is a wonderful thing that has happened to this country. I say this because the duo understands what it takes to build a nation, despite the fact that they are from different background and profession.
They understand themselves so well that President Buhari may not go to office for a very long period and things would be done. Because the President knows that he has an Osinbajo who is a legal Icon, endowed with human and academic intelligence, his mind his at rest. Buhari knows that the lust for office does not attract the man he chose as his running mate, because when he was told he was going to be the Vice President he hesitated but after much persuasion he submitted.
So, let Buhari not attend office for the whole tenure nothing bad would happen because he has a capable and dependable Vice President. The excellent performance by Osinbajo   is   as   a   result   of mutual   and   efficient relationship between the President and him. I disagree with rumour peddlers that cabal is running Nigeria.  Such claim is wrong. Buhari is not a President that can be controlled by a cabal.
It seems that the Niger Delta Avengers is silent. We no longer hear of pipelines bombing. What do you think must have happened?
The Vice President, with the trust of the President he enjoys made this possible. The introduction of modular refineries really played an important role here. With this a lot of these boys would now be kept busy. With this development people can now go into the establishment of modular refineries. I am very confident that in the next two or three years fuel prices will fall to a point that Nigeria will start thanking the Buhari-led government.
When we entered into recession, a lot was said about Buhari and Osinbajo but these critics never saw improvement coming. Today, things are changing for the better.
Do you see Nigeria as a secured nation?
The security fund budgeted for the purchase of arms to fight Boko Haram, according to reports was shared in the last dispensation.
Today, what brought about the failure of the former administration in fighting Boko Haram has been rectified. Impunity in the army and other security agencies that existed in the former administration has been checked. Nigeria’s image abroad has been restored; and as a result the US, Britain, France and other world powers have resolved to help us wipe out Boko Haram. Very soon the IDP camps will be closed down because the military is succeeding in reuniting the displaced with their families and communities.
All these successes are as a result of the mutual understanding between the President and his deputy. The dreaded Sambisa forest has been cleared of Boko Haram. The air power of the Nigerian Air Force has been restored. We can now purchase more fighter jets and other allied airplanes. New aircraft were bought and commissioned by Mr. President. The Naval power has been intensified, no more sea pirates stealing crude.
What is your take on the Whistle Blowing policy?
This is a welcome development. This is one of the good things that have happened to Nigeria.  Large sums of local and foreign currencies running into billions are being recovered as a result of whistle blowing. I am optimistic that in the next five years Nigeria’s economic problem would be a thing of past.
What is your take on the roads and other infrastructural development of this administration?
Babatunde Raji Fashola SAN, a great mind has embarked on a systematic development of road, power and housing. All these are made easy by the Presidency.  Fashola is aggressively and effectively addressing these problems.
The second Niger Bridge that was elusive is now a reality. Work is ongoing as we speak and within the next couple of months, Nigeria will have a second Niger Bridge as an outcome of Buhari’s planned and aggressive change agenda.
Do you see APC winning Anambra State?
The only hope of governance in Anambra in the present dispensation is the APC. The candidate of the APC will soon emerge. There are so many of them contesting and they are all credible, but the APC will democratically choose a candidate whom all of us will stand behind and that person will emerge governor of Anambra State come November 18, 2017. They said that the governor is doing well both in governance, agriculture and other areas. But don’t forget that he is working on the   formidable foundation laid   down originally in Anambra by the revered Igbo Leader, Senator Chris Ngige. So APC is the answer in order to move Anambra to the next level.


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