‘Our mumu don do’

It seems Nigerians are dancing to a strange, macabre music. Our dance steps are uncoordinated because we know not the lyrics and in our frenzy, we just joined the dance. The din is getting louder and the dust of dancing feet, swirling in the air, blowing dust into our eyes such that we do not see how close we are to the precipice.
Such is the case because we thirst for blood; blood of our compatriots; blood of the innocent. We long to kill but forget we could be killed because the suborning spirit has deceived us through years of propaganda, to believe their lies and fight their battles; probably die their deaths while their own children are ensconced in safety nests abroad.
So, you want to fight this war? That is not a problem; fight if you must. After all, if you die in it, that is your death, not mine. Others will inherit your wife, concubine or property and there must be remnants to move Nigeria on if it survives the holocaust. However, before this war begins, ponder awhile. Why must you die in a war that only sustains your oppressors in their cosy confines of debauchery?
I shudder at how easily we are deceived. These politicians, tribal and religious bigots pretend to fight for us but are indeed our problem. In all the various wars we have fought, including the Civil War, who among these people died? Did Gowon die? Didn’t Ojukwu run to Ivory Coast and later return to the embrace of his supposed enemies? Whatever happened to Obafemi Awolowo and his economic blockade of Biafra? Was it not innocent children and women that bore the brunt of that scorched earth policy?
Poverty and disease still stalk the North menacingly. Our common enemy has kept the people under a perpetual spell of rankadede; their army of wasted generations perpetually nailed to almajiri, programmed robots without brain but ever ready to spill blood at the slightest shout of allahu akbar. The same is the case in both the East and the West. They teach us strange doctrines, twisting logic to warp our minds, promising utopian havens that can never be except to uphold their hegemonies.
Those who preach peace should be flailed; they are cowards and saboteurs. Their hands and minds are soiled and they have no locus. Is it not what we tell the Ralph Uwazurikes and Al Mustaphas? Irrespective of whether we love these men or not, détente is the need of the moment and they deserve commendation, not recrimination.
We need love across the various divides. We need to understand that Arewa, Yoruba and Igbo have the same enemy, who sow the evil seed of hate, pitching us against one another, as innocent blood fertilises their enclave of power and wealth. However, each drop of blood we spill, brings the sword closer to our own hearts. The law of Karma says those who kill by the sword, fall by the sword. Shikena!
The Igbo have been asked to leave the North by October 1 and so they can have their Biafra. The North is tired of coexisting with the Igbo and also want their own country by that date, just as Rondel of the South South and Odua Republic of the Yoruba are about berthing too. It seems the thing we are looking for in Sokoto has been discovered inside our sokoto. But do the proponents of the odious Kaduna Declaration realise that by so doing, they too have become Biafrans?
Biafra is not exclusively Igbo affair. It is aggregation of the various agitations in the land against injustice, inequity and unfairness. The Boko Haram insurgency is Biafra. It is an evil seed sown by political manipulators that has snowballed into heinous agitation by misguided, misused youths and now threatening to consume both the sowers and reapers. Newly formed Rondel and its forebears; MEND and Avengers are all Biafra, fighting against years of deliberate rapacious rape and spoilage of a people whose blood feed the nation. When Omonile and OPC unleash their alaye everywherein the West, it is their own Biafra, signposting a degenerate generation going waste through misaplication by politicians, who use them for electoral fraud, only compensating them with licence to violent extortion on the roads and building sites. So, we are all Biafrans one way or another.
Therefore, let our eyes of understanding be enlightened. Maverick Charles Oputa, aka Charly Boy just led a protest march tagged ‘our mumu don do’. Truly so, Nigerians, our mumu don do. Let us rise and say no more to these devious characters that have abused us so much and gloat over our stupidity, as we incinerate our glorious destinies?
Even if Nigeria must divide, it does not require this much bitter bile being spewed out. Nigeria would not be the first country to so divide and will certainly not be the last. All through history, nations have been splitting and yet lived in peace ever after. Of more recent history is the split of Ethiopia and Eretria, Sudan and South Sudan; while USSR and Yugoslavia also splintered, Czechoslovakia split into Slovenia and Czech republics.
What all men of goodwill are saying is that together Nigerians are stronger in all facets of life. However, the condition of this togetherness has to be worked out to be favourable to all stakeholders. The earlier the general populace of Nigerians see the underbelly of those using us against one another while feathering their own nests, the better for us.
Perhaps, those driven by greed and coveting Igbo property should think twice. The era of abandoned property is no longer fashionable. No Igbo, or any Nigerian for that matter, will lose his property anywhere in the event of Nigeria’s collapse. There are international laws guiding that. That is why nations are ever in search of foreign investors.
Before the war begins and you go to battle, ask yourself: How many of these northern or Arewa youths, belching destruction own oil blocs in the Niger Delta? How many of them have been employed in such blocs? How many of them have been given scholarship? How has this rich minority addressed the sickening, squalid habitations of the people, the diseases and want and the almajiri menace? How many of their children are here with us in the battlefield? The same questions apply to warmongers, even among the Igbo; we all stand to lose!
By the way, who says Igbo will be placated by the Nigerian presidency, what’s that worth? The Igbo need neither war nor presidency but a nation standing on equal footing for all citizens, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and all other ethnic groups that make up the country. Merchants of death now are really at it again, circulating frightful videos and hate messages in the social media. These are planted to instill fear, uncertainty and possibly incite. Let nobody be fooled by them. I honestly think we are all together fools to allow ourselves played against one another in proxy wars that avail us nothing.


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