How not to woo a woman

You asked her out but she turned you down because she couldn’t imagine herself falling in love with you. She has weighed the pros and cons and concluded you are not her kind of man. Meanwhile, you want her at all costs and will go all out to win her love and affection by any means possible.

You call her in the morning, afternoon and evening, take her on lunch dates to expensive restaurants, spoil her with expensive gifts and money.You also drive her to work and pick her up from work, or even have a taxi on standby to attend to her. You recharge her phone heavily on a monthly basis, to an extent that she has no business buying recharge cards. You even changed her phone to an A-list one, pick her shopping to expensive boutiques and even gifted her  with a car just to show her how much you care

She finally begins to give you face and agrees to date you. She now professes her undying love for you and how she can’t live or breathe without you. She calls you her king, the love of her life, her knight in shining armour and the best thing that ever happened to her.

Don’t blame her for falling in love with you and also don’t blame her for her inability to differentiate if she really loves you or your money.

My brother, don’t propose yet. You may have just used your money to buy love full option.

Most of the women you woo with material gifts may not be it at all, but this is not to say that this is true in all cases. Everybody responds naturally to where their bread is buttered freely so long as they have that area covered.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t spread some cash around or push further when she says no at first, but there are many ways to go about winning her love or getting her to give you a chance than spoiling her silly with money and expensive gifts.

There is nothing she requests for that you don’t mind doing, including building a house for her parents. You are just ready to do anything to win her love. Some men even go as far as borrowing or stealing to win a woman’s love.

There are men who are living in bondage because they tried impressing their women with all that money can buy, but after winning her love and being married to these women, the table suddenly turns. When money no longer flows in like before, they suddenly realise that they have used their money to buy trouble. The woman will stop professing love and worshiping them. There is this cold side of her that has completely taken over

Never ever put your material acquisitions and possession ahead when toasting a woman. Spend the little you can, but don’t ever go overboard because even Queen Jezebel can become Angel Gabriel on sighting a money miss road.

A heavy spender has every possibility of winning almost every woman’s love and loyalty at first, but afterwards,  you will realise you are rolling with a red head devil when the money isn’t flowing into her hands like before.

Ask her out, answer her relevant questions, make your intentions known every time you meet her, if she likes you, she will roll with you, if she doesn’t just bounce or stick around for a while. But don’t go spending like a sugar daddy with so much money who is just looking for an opportunity to sleep with  her.

Some women won’t even smile with some men because they are not expensively dressed or driving posh cars; but if that same man changes into something more befitting as in dresses well with an expensive car, before he even says hello, the same girl’s white teeth are shinning at the same man she barely responded to his hello hours earlier.

Most women like money, (yes, we love it) and it will only take the grace of God to differentiate between some women’s love for her man from the love for his money or wealth if he won her love  after spending heavily.

Checkout many ugly-looking but rich men, they are often seen with the most beautiful women. It’s always the case of beauty and the beast. They have the most beautiful women as wives or girlfriends because what they lack in facial looks, their deep pockets make up for.

This is not to say that some women won’t genuinely fall in love with their heavy-spender  spouses as time goes on. Some fall hopelessly and helplessly in love and stick around come rain, come shine, but most of them will remain there for the Benjamins.

Moderation should be the watchword when you come across a woman you have genuine feelings for but she is not giving you any room to prove to her that you are the best thing that  will ever happen to her.

Be nice, show her you care, call to check up on her, invite her out on lunch or dinner dates, ask to take her to the movies, open doors for her, look good yourself, be courteous, send hergifts, send her romantic text messages in the mornings and at night to remind her how much she means to you. Call to check up on her no matter how busy you may be. but let her fall for you genuinely.

This is not to say you that should not offer her gifts. Give her gifts but not always. At the same time, you should not flaunt your financial capability to prove that money isn’t your problem.

Never try to use money to impress or woo a woman you have genuine interest in. You don’t have to give her money at the end of every date, except you chose to pay for her taxi fare. If you are picking and dropping her off, there is no need giving her money every time you see her. May be once in a month bless her with something but not too much gifts.

Let her get used to you and not your money or gifts. Once she agrees to date you, you should  either maintain the status quo or step it up.

Meanwhile, do not spoil her too much to avoid entitlement mentality setting in. Provide for her basic needs, being  your woman or not, it should be balanced.

Bottom line, be careful except you just want to hit and run or you are a money miss road and you want her to sing that she loves you 30 minutes after meeting you for the first time.

If you truly wish to know her better and for her to fall for you naturally, then spend on her with some level of restraint, no matter the urge you feel to over do it sometimes.


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