Obasanjo, Buhari became leaders at a very tender age – Letter to all Nigeria’s youths

Editor’s note: In this piece, Gbadebo Dahunsi, the NAIJ.com partner blogger, tries to open the eyes of Nigeria’s youths, using Ondo 2016 governorship election as a point of reference and to correct the wrong attitudes of our youths towards politics and election at any level.

The author advised young Nigerians to avoid being used by any politician to do evil because they will soon be dumped afterwards.

Dahunsi, a graduate of biochemistry, is a writer and prospective motivational speaker.

His blog is Purpose Life Media.

Ondo state

Permit me to divulge my identity as Gbadebo Dahunsi, a native of Ajowa, a wondrous and peaceful town in Akoko North West local government area of Ondo state. To my fellow youths, it is my concern to address you this time and to open your mind to think rightly about your participation and attitudes towards the coming gubernatorial election scheduled for  November 26, which has being oozing some political brouhahas within the state.

Though I might have been away for the past one year now (for my National Youth Service), but be rest assured that I definitely follow every bit of event pervading my dear hometown, Ajowa and of course, my great state, Ondo.

Before I let the cat out of the bag, it is tantamount that I make it clear to you that I have no any hidden or selfish agenda to write this piece. And everything you will be reading here is never intended to, neither condemn nor promote any party or candidate.

I am just a young writer and motivational speaker committed to always make use of my talents where necessary, to help youths and to  make sure that thing are done the way it supposed to be done, at least, to the best of my knowledge.

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Going straight to the business of the day.  Immediately after my breakfast this morning, I grabbed my smartphone and searched the Internet to see the list of 2016 Ondo state governorship candidates. This action reflects my unquenchable love for my state. So in my search, I discovered that there are total of 28 candidates aspiring for a single seat of Ondo state governor.

I devoted more time to read through the list as seen inside Vanguard News, and I made two other observations as below:

AGE: The oldest candidate is 68 year old while the youngest among all the 28 contestants and their running mates is 33 year old.

EDUCATION: Only two out of the 56 people have PhD. And I was perplexed to see many of these aspirants/running mates having something like NABTEB, GRADE II or WSSCE/WAEC.

Let me open your inner eyes (your thinking faculty) to espy some of the bitter but must-known facts which you might probably not have paid much attention to before.

First, in term of age, many of our youths are older than some of these people (at least, older than 33), still you want to prefer to useless yourself around the town without considering your own age. Ask yourself this, where are those aspirants right now? Or where are their children? They are inside AC living a comfortable life.

But you are always inside hot and unfriendly sun. My brother, you need to think about your own life. It is high time we all need to start giving a full concern to our individual life, rather than shouting and causing noise pollution around the town, all in the name of political party defense.

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Second, talking about education, most of us are having a better qualification than these people. So tell me, why should you kill yourself because of one NABTEB holder? This may not make much sense to you. In fact, it may even evoke vexation as I have already received some comments from people claiming that certificate is nothing when it comes to politics, I concur but the truth must just be told. Because I have always believed in a scriptural verse which says, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.

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Ondo candidates

I am not saying that certificate is what determine good leadership, all I’m saying is that we should think and act like learned persons. So I ask again, why do you want to trade your integrity and your family societal identity because of somebody who only care about himself and his family?

Now let view it this way.  Don’t you think that you too are qualified to be an aspirant?  I agreed with you that all of us cannot be governor at the same time. But if you learn to think and see yourself as a qualified candidate or a future governor, this will help you to always control your attitude rather than partaking in the shouting and rioting which has become the evolutionary traits among  the youth of nowadays.

Many years back, people like Obasanjo, Murtala and even this same Buhari became head of state at a very tender age.

But it is appalling that the same age bracket today still lives and fully dependent on parents for food and shelter. Majority of the youths are hapless, jobless and completely helpless.  Still, we go up and down shouting and screaming in vain, just because one politician dropped a hundred thousand naira for all the youths in your community. How much will you get from that? What a pity. And it is even more hideous to know that some of our elderly are also involved in this act, not thinking about the future of their young ones.

We still have a long way to go when it comes to our attitude towards political matters. I am not a student of political science and I don’t think I need to be one before knowing that politics is never designed to be a do-or-die affair. But this hazardous mentality is only seen among we the struggling ones who have allowed ourselves to be influenced and used by those at the top. You are fighting for your party ‘abi’? Funny you. Do you have any party? Which party did you create? Am sure you can still remember that our dear Governor-Mimiko, was once a PDP member? But later, the same Mimiko was the one who introduced LABOUR PARTY to us as the Ondo State Messiah party. Funny enough, this same man is now in PDP again today. Isn’t that dramatic? And don’t be surprise that the mouthed Ekiti state governor-Fayose, a strong APC critics, may decide  to go to APC tomorrow.

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Many people we see in APC today came from different parties. That’s how they do it. They are all one flock. But we are here fighting with ourselves, making enmity and even ready to take people’s lives because of politicians who value their life more than anything else.

No! this is lugubrious. My fellow youths, let’s wake up. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t participate in politics anymore, in fact, if we don’t, who will? But let learn to practice politics with BRAIN and not INSANE. Let look at what is happening even within the so called PARTY. If truly they are for the interest of the masses, why are they so curious to be there? Ponder on this.

I will be rounding up this piece by saying that it is our civic right and responsibility to choose a preferred candidate through the power embedded in our thumbs by voting. But while discharging this responsibility, let us do it with all dignity and sincerity of mind. Let us try as much as possible to avoid been used (influenced) by any politician because you will end up been dumped after they might have achieved their selfish desires at the expense of your life, future and integrity. Be wise. If we can vote wisely to choose ‘rightly’, we will all reap and eat the good fruits, and vice versa.


Gbadebo Dahunsi

Gbadebo Dahunsi

Gbadebo Dahunsi can be invited to speak at any youth or corporate gathering in school, church, event center, social gathering, town hall, village square and outside the country.

He could be reached through e-mail: gbadebodahunsi@gmail.com Facebook fb.me/gbadebodahunsi. You may also follow his blog: Purpose Life Media

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