International magazine says Yemi Alade has overtaken Tiwa Savage as ‘the Queen of Afrobeats’

– Ever since Tiwa Savage took a break to have her baby, Yemi Alade’s career has been on the rise

– She has worked very hard to replace Tiwa as the number one female star in Nigeria and perhaps Africa

– It appears the international media has agreed to this judging from a recent interview published by Fader magazine


In a recent feature article/interview, international magazine Fader named Yemi Alade as the queen of Afrobeats. For those confused at what Afrobeat Fader is talking about, it is not the genre of music made popular by the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Instead, Afrobeats is a new tag given to the new type of songs being made by Nigerian musicians and their colleagues from other countries.

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The magazine does its best to describe Yemi Alade’s talent, music, enormous success, international appeal and how she is fusing her continent’s cultural divides to become one of its biggest stars.

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They also wrote that: “Alade has achieved a kind of cult status worldwide, but in Africa she’s a bonafide superstar. Last year, she won Best Female at the MTV African Music Awards, her most recent album hit No.1 on the continent’s iTunes chart, and she was named an ambassador for Africa Fashion Week this past April. In a continent rich with numerous national and regional music scenes, the key to Alade’s success has been her ability to find connections between cultures through music.”  You can read the full interview HERE.

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Some are of the view that even though Yemi deserves all the love she has gotten, the title of queen does not belong to her. It belongs to the more popular Tiwa Savage. What are your thought on this? Is Tiwa Savage still the queen or has Yemi Alade edged her out? Let us know via the poll below:

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