Google's first shot at a VR headset is a normcore miss


The world of virtual reality is a convoluted mess right now, divided into three categories: low, mid and high end.

On the low end you’ve got Google Cardboard and all the “viewers” that don’t have any kind of head tracking or controllers. These are pretty terrible in most cases. 

In the middle, you’ve got Samsung’s Gear VR and a dozen of clones that provide good VR experiences with limited head-tracking and controller support (either built-in or wireless).

And on the high-end, there’s the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which require expensive, powerful gaming PCs to work. But man, are the VR experiences worth it. Sony’s PlayStation VR gets lumped into this category, too, but it’s a notch down from the Rift and Vive. Read more…

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