FAA declares YUGE, glamorous no-fly zone over NYC's Trump Tower



In another demonstration of the repercussions of Trump’s victory, the Federal Aviation Administration has now banned flights over midtown Manhattan—where Trump Tower is located—until Trump moves into the White House in January. 

The temporary flight restriction, or TFR in FAA-speak, went into effect on Nov. 9 and continues through Jan. 21, 2017. It bans flights from the surface through 3,000 feet with a radius of 2 miles. According to the FAA’s website, the restriction’s reason is “VIP movement.”

While TFRs are frequently issued for presidential visits at the request of the Secret Service, this one blocks off flights over a popular corridor for helicopter tours, media choppers and even airliners maneuvering in the busiest airspace in the country.  Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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