3 sure ways to cool your husband’s hot temper

When you get married, it is for better or for worse. Both couples have to work together as one to survive and make the marriage last.

At times, anger is a problem between couples. If your husband had a short temper, it can put a toll on your marriage.

Men can get angry and when they do, they could cut you off from their thoughts. Once they get into their heads, it’s hard to pull them out.

Women prefer to talk things through, but men will keep to themselves until their anger is over. Here are three ways you can help his anger cool off quicker:

1. Cook his best meal

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They say a hungry man is an angry man so a well fed man is happy. You may have annoyed your husband but the food will help him cool off easy.

The food is a reminder you are still his wife. It’s also a reminder that you care for him.

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2. Give him time

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Give him space and time. Don’t enter his personal space because you feel you are the wife and have a right. He could see it as smothering.

Give him time and space to relax. He will miss you and talk to you when he is ready.

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3. Let him know you still love him

Heated argument

If you have to talk to him, let it be calm reassurance you are there for him. His behaviour is bad and you don’t support it but if you complain, he will not be in the right frame of mind to listen.

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Be as sweet as ever and when he returns to talk to you, let him know your issues with his anger and both of you can work on how best to solve it.

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