Like Donald Trump, Like Buhari: Welcome to Change

Editor’s note: Donald John Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States on November 8 in the historic election that shocked the world. He defeated the candidate from the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton.

However, in this opinion, Chief Anthony Eshemokhai advised Nigerians not to be sad with Trump’s victory. The author sarcastically lists 10 improvements by the government of Muhammadu Buhari and urges to be prepared for the same in America.

Buhari Trump

Dear American Nigerians, please do not be sad at Donald Trump’s victory. Forget his threats of sending you guys home. Everything works for good. That’s why in your divine wisdom, you all supported Obama to frustrate useless Jonathan out of government and foisted the present messiah Buhari.

Please do not wait for Trump’s inauguration. Pack your bags now and come back to naija. The change you supported is really working:

1. Buhari has made the dollar equal to the naira, stabilised oil prices.

2. Petrol now sells for N40/ litre.

3. 3 million jobs were created in less than 100 days in office.

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4. More industries are opening and massively employing Nigerians.

5. All the federal roads have never been this good. In fact, under Jonathan, I use to travel to Agenebode in 5 hours from Lagos. I did the same journey last month and spent 15 hours. What a great improvement.

6. Power is now so stable that Nigerians are now gifting out their gen set to Togo and Mali.

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7. Human right? Very perfect under this change. The obedience of the government to court orders is so good. Nnamdi Kanu and Dasuki are my witnesses.

8. The security operatives are so wonderful that they will arrest and detain you first and start applying to the courts for a warrant to hold you indefinitely. Talk of putting the cart before the horse. Infact, FBI and CIA need to come and under study us.

9. Did I forget that since May 2015, all unemployed Nigerians have been receiving N5,000 monthly as stipends. I have to remove my children from exorbitant private schools to government schools. Now my children are so fat from the free meal per day.

10. Prices of food items? They have never been this affordable. Inflation is so low that prices of goods and services are exploring for oil in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Did I hear you say what you will be doing? Join hands to make Nigeria great again as Donald Trump promised Americans!

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Chief Anthony Eshemokhai

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