How Ambode’s LASTMA officials were nearly killed in Lagos on Tuesday morning (photos)

The excesses of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) were once again exposed on Tuesday, October 8 and some of their officers were almost killed in the process.

Two of their officers had tried to stop a commercial bus driver around Isolo area of the state for allowing some of his colleagues hand on his tailboard, thereby violating one of the traffic rules, but the driver refused to stop.

When he eventually did, he screamed and asked what he had done wrong to be attached by the cream and wine clothed officials.


The LASTMA officer and the bus driver after the incident on Tuesday morning. Photo: Damilare Okunola correspondent who was on board the bus witnessed how one of the officers forcefully got into the front seat and started struggling with the driver for possession of the steering.

The young chap driving who was adamant on evading the arrest ensured that he drove roughly, swerving right and left on the busy road while the official continued to struggle with the steering.

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The passengers who were scared asked the LASTMA official to leave the driver but he would not have any of those.

“What have I done wrong?” the young driver kept asking as he made a u-turn at a culvert and almost crashed all the passengers into on rushing vehicles.


Some passengers from the bus blaming the LASTMA officer for the act. Photo: Damilare Okunola

At this point, some parts of the bus had started giving way, but the LASTMA official who had been assigned to ensure the young man was arrested, held on to the steering like his life depended on it.

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He said: “You think you’re smart, abi?” and he sat down inside the bus still, looking numb as the passengers and other commuters condemned him for his actions.

“Why are you people not beating the hell out of this useless LASTMA guy? They are fond of doing this rubbish and afterwards, riot will break out.

“You guys should not allow him leave because he deserves to be thoroughly dealt with. He had committed a really grave offense and should be beaten to a pulp,” one of the commuters stated.

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The drama did not end there, however, as the bus driver barged out of the bus, stripped naked and started fighting the man who came to stop him as well as officials of the traffic agency.

It took the timely intervention of police officers at the Ejigbo station (who took custody of the official) to salvage the situation.

The driver whose bus was immediately driven away by his conductor made for the other LASTMA officials with broken bottles and tried to stab them, but they boarded another bus and ran away from the junction.

The unrepentant driver still naked but with his clothes in hand, jumped on the tailboard of another commercial bus and went after the traffic officials.

Recently, there was mild drama in Iponri area of Lagos state when hoodlums tried to free a commercial bus impounded by some officials of LASTMA for allegedly violating traffic rules.

According to Vanguard, the incident which occurred on Wednesday, October 5, at 8.30 a.m left five of the officials and a bus driver injured.

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