People get married for so many reasons; some don’t even know why they should get married, while some don’t even wish to. I was opportune to ask a friend this question. And she gave me some reasons am going to share and you will tell me if she is right or if there are more to that.
What is marriage

First and foremost, WHAT IS MARRIAGE?

The word marriage has different meaning and different perspectives. According to the English dictionary, MARRIAGE is a union between two or more people usually to the exclusion of others. The Bible defines Marriage as a Holy Union between a man and a woman for eternity in the presence of God.

But what is the reason behind getting married? Why is it so important?

According to Kefe Ejoboja (ceo KiKi’s Food):

1.      People get married for ACCOMPLISHMENT because everyone gets married at one point in their life and it’s trending, some people just want to be called married Mr and Mrs. They feel they earn respect or have an edge over their single peers.

2.       People get married to fulfill all righteousness, they get married so people will not laugh at them or so that their parents won’t complain not because they want to, but because they want to prove someone or something wrong. Most African parents are guilty of pressuring their children who have come of age to get married either directly or indirectly.

3.       People get married for Material benefits; most ladies seek financial security and they believe marrying a wealthy man would grant them the comfort they desire. They want to experience the lavish lifestyle and meet up with the women of our time.

4.       People get married because of Emotions; by emotions I don’t mean love, I mean infatuation, obsessions, lust, and sometimes pity. They decide with their hearts  not their head.

5.       People also get married because it is ordained by God and thus necessary the fulfillment of one’s destiny. God’s plan was for a man and woman to be together for companionship and also for a woman to be a help meet to man. They need each other to achieve God’s plan and purpose for them.

But how true are her reasons? Are this all the reason people get married? Or there is more to that you want to add to it or you have your own different idea?

Please comment to share your own view, you don’t know you might be helping someone…..

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