World Most Expensive Engagement Ring, Guess Who Wore it

The Most Expensive Engagement Ring in the World is the Blue Diamond Ring by Bvlgari which was sold in 2013 for $9.49 million. Engagement rings have been a marketing product since the late 1900s and same as Valentine’s Day it’s one of those things that caught on and people embraced it.

Beyonce's engagement ring
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The ring is remarkable and a true marvel. it a 5.30 carat Blue Diamond. Blue Diamonds are very pure and rare accounting for only 1% of the diamonds mined world-wide.

The stone was crafted in 1965 and it has been set in a Trombino ring designed by the Bvlgari, the renowned Italian jeweler featured by many Hollywood stars.

The ring was bought by Graff Diamonds which is one of the world’s most known collector houses when it comes to precious gems, for almost $9.5 million at an auction held in London by Bonham’s Fine Jewelry.

And this is what you didn’t know, Jay Z actually engaged Beyonce with this same ring. WOW right?Jay Z engages Beyonce

Beyonce’s engagement ring was designed by Jeweller Loraine Schwartz.

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