The Place of Planning

One way to embrace your future and ensure that you make the most of it is by planning for your future. You can’t just assume that things will happen on their own accord, it is your result oriented planning that commits God to direct you to your expected end.
How to plan

That is what enables you set your priorities; programming the things to be done now, those to be left till next week, and those for next month, for a phase to phase achievement of your goal.

Don’t let life take you on aware! Plan determine what must be done at every point so that you can get to the next point, because there are somethings that must happen to make room for others.

With this approach, you will be surprised how things will to turn out by the end of the year. It takes wise planning to be effective and productive in your endeavours because planning eliminates sweat and struggles. These steps will help you in the process of planning:

Count the Cost!
When you sit down, it’s not to bury your head in your palm in worries and sorrow under the heavy burden of problems, you need to count your losses. You don’t sit down to begin to count the ceilings, you need to sit down to map out what is needed to accomplish the goal set before you.
To count the cost means to analyze your present position and set up a strategy to balance and meet up with your future. Simplify whatever problem by breaking them into smaller handlable pieces. Identify and appreciate what you have and see what you can do with it to generate what you want.

Get Facts!
Facts are the raw materials for planning. To be a good planner, you must be well informed, get relevant facts for what you want to do. The strength of your plan is a function of the facts available to you.
You can either get facts from above through divine insight or through observation. Take note of what you see around you and take counsel from others when necessary, whether they are your superiors, assistants, colleague or friends.

After you have gathered all the relevant facts needed, you have to process it through thinking. Knowledge is utilized through thinking. If you gather information without thinking, it will never profit you. It is through thinking that you articulate facts and information to your personal life.
Wisdom doesn’t jump on people, it’s born through thinking. God only gives you the inspiration which is the raw materials, you process it in your mind through thinking till you get out the relevant facts that you need to plan your life the way you ought to and get the results you desire.
These are our planning helps you to narrow down problems and solving them.

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