Man Insured His Manhood for 1Million Dollars

Keiran Lee, in a recent interview with Elite Daily, talked about his decision to insure his genitals for a million dollars. 
Keiran Lee set to Insure is Penis
His Pen.!s reportedly measures over nine inches and Lee is the only man in the world to have it insured. Lee is also the only male judge on the first-of-its-kind reality show, “The S3X:’ Factor,” which sees him judging/mentoring wannabe po.rn stars alongside adored female luminaries:Tori Black, Lexi Belle, Remy LaCroix and Asa Akira
On how he made the decision to insure his 
Well, initially, the insurance policy was an in-house discussion with Brazzers as I shot so many scenes with them. The Brazzers production team were worried that, if I ever broke it, they’d have nobody to shoot the remaining scenes. Marketing got wind of this and thought it would be a good idea to take out an insurance policy and so it began. I had to go for a medical checkup to make sure I was all fit and healthy and explain what I did for a living. After that, it was all approved and I was the official owner of a million-dollar Pen.!s. Basically, the only way I can receive compensation is if I broke it on set or I’m involved in some freak accident.” 
How many scenes do you shoot on average every month.
“I shoot roughly 18 scenes a month as a performer and about 20 as a director. I’m in a lucky position that I get to direct most of the scenes I perform in.
How did you get into porn. 
“I fell into porn by mistake, actually. I was on a lad’s holiday and my friends took a picture of me naked and posted it on a swingers’ website. Next thing I know I’m getting contacted by a couple shooting amateur porn and they wanted me to shoot. I did my first scene in a car park and did really well. After that, the rest is history: I was contracted to them for about four years, went freelance for a year or so, then came to America and was contracted to Brazzers where I have been for the last eight years.“ 

How is you marriage life to Kirsten Price, (another adult film star)
“I’ve been very lucky in finding love with Kirsten, although I go out most days and have S3x:’ with many beautiful women, we both know it’s work at the end of the day. We’ve been together for over five years now and we have a beautiful son who is coming up to his second birthday, but she doesn’t shoot anymore as she is a full-time mum now.“ 
How those real S3x:’ differs from porn S3x:’. 
“I’m actually pathetic at home sometimes. I have to apologize to Kirsten as I two pump chump it. I don’t have to worry about cameras and lights, so I can just enjoy myself. And sometimes, I enjoy myself a little too much. porn can be very uncomfortable as you must be aware of the camera and make sure they are getting the right shot, as well as if there’s enough light getting in so they can see. You also have to position yourself to show off the girl, ensuring she looks the best she possibly can.“

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