Adele invited Fan up stage in her Stage Concert, guess who it was!!!!!

Adele was just casually killing it on tour, as she does, when she got to that part of her concert where she extends her benevolence to the crowd and invites a fan onstage. It’s normally the closest any tone-deaf fan will get to feeling like a star.
Adele Concert

Jamie-Grace Harper is no stranger to the spotlight. A Grammy-nominated musician, the 24 year-old has released two albums and won several awards.

But even this seasoned songstress found herself forgetting lyrics when British superstar Adele invited her on stage to sing at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

Adele, who had no idea about the Atlanta, Georgia resident’s musical prowess, tells her, “take it away, sing whatever you want.” Jamie-Grace does not disappoint, belting out a few lines of Adele’s “Remedy” followed by a rendition of her parent’s favourite tune, “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.”

She wrote on her Facebook page: “two nights ago i asked Adele if i could sing with her. she said yes. wait, what?! THANK YOU, Adele!!! Seriously. You’re a gem and it was lovely to sing for you and your beautiful audience.”
Best. Night. Ever.

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