Nollywood Actress Patience Ozokwor Condems Wearing of Trousers by Women

We have heard a lot of Nollywood actors and actress giving their life to Christ but we don’t usually see it last till the end. lastly it was Jim Iyke now its Mama G. Lets hope this is real this time. Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor popularly known in the movie fraternity as Mama G who is now born again to the extent of preaching the Gospel has criticized the wearing of trousers by women, saying it is highly ungodly. 
Did Mama G give her life to christ

She asserted that it makes men sin against God. “When we wear trousers, we make men desire us and make them fall into sin” she said. 
This conversation ensued when she was interviewed by Encomium magazine. She added that: “Yes, I don’t wear trousers again. No more weave on, no more make up. Naturally, I am not a makeup person. You see me in make up when I am in the movie. That has been my nature. 
Even if I make up, I like it light, except it was made by somebody else for an occasion. Christ told me to put off certain things because they don’t please Him. I have to obey Him. 
I heard directly from Him, nobody told me that. Christ told me that wearing trousers brings out women’s sensitive features. I put up a lot of argument about it before I could obey.”
Does the bible condemn wearing of trousers by women?
Mama G now born again
Mama G
My dear readers, what do you think of this? is it real? please share your view
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