WEDDING – More Photos from Mr and Mrs Oladale’s Wedding

Beauty entrepreneur and Blogger Frances Oviawe and Business tycoon Oladele Zack got wedded at the Living Faith Church, Infant Jesus in Asaba this past weekend.

Frances Beauty World did the bride’s makeup and Kellhub captured these beautiful Event.

Couples first Kiss (so they say)

See more Photos below:

Bride and Maids
Groom saying the magic word “I DO”

Couples receiving Pastoral blessings
Couple’s Unveiling
Couples signing the Marriage register
Bride Signing the register
Couples with Ministers
Mr and Mrs Oladele
Bride (Mrs Oladele)
Groom (Mr Oladele)
Celebrity wedding
Mr and Mrs Oladele
Bride been worship by Maids
Groom or Chief bride’s maid?

Mr and Mrs Oladele

Ambassador Fancy with Bride and Friend

From Left: Ambassador Faancy, Bride, and Friend

Event Covered by: KellNation –
Dress: Krikor Jabotian
Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana
Make up by: Faancy Makeovers
Planner: Mrs Wedding Planner
Location: Asaba


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