Ten Ways To Manage Your Passion Against Illegal Sex

Sexual abstinence can range from engaging in absolutely no sexual behavior to everything but penetrative intercourse. 

Abstaining from sex with your long-term partner, whether from choice or necessity, is something many couples practice (whether they want to or not) during their relationship, You and your partner’s reasons for practicing abstinence may derive from your religious beliefs or be medically necessary, but they can also be personally motivated. 

No matter the reason, and no matter your age or experience-level, implementing abstinence in a relationship can be challenging, particularly if you and your partner have already engaged in sexual activity If you’re single and dating, your commitment to maintain abstinence should be a priority, not something you hide. 

In all cases, it’s a good idea to put some thought, creativity and discussion into how being abstinent will affect you and your partner. below are 10 ways to manage you passion (Emotions)
  1. Accept that you have the power to manage your emotion (passion)
  2. Channel your Passion in positive activities
  3. determine & propose in  your heart to please God with your body
  4. Make sure that every relationship is properly defined
  5. Avoid spending time alone with people you have weakness for
  6. Avoid atmosphere that will stir up the kind of passion for sex
  7. Avoid dwelling an intimate, emotional and sexual thought e.g I Love you”
  8. continually put your passion under control
  9. Avoid the company of friends that can influence you negatively
  10. dwell on the WORD to renew your mind daily.
In these ways, you can stay pure (Psalm 119 : 9). Shalom!


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