Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breed in 2016

Today, we are here with the top 10 list of the most aggressive and dangerous dogs in 2016. Our danger factors are based on severity of injury caused by these dogs to their owners or victims.
Also, these dog breeds earned their place on our list base on their terrible reputations, often labeled as vicious, because of their violent interactions with other dogs and humans. Below are the lists:

No 10: Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans weighs around 65 to 90 lbs and are widely known for alertness, loyalty and intelligence. You can see these dogs guarding almost everywhere. It usually attacks when its master’s family faces some sort of danger. It also takes over when it is aroused.

No 9: Great Danes

2016 most dangerous dog
Great Danes weigh around 200 pounds and are claimed to be unique dog breeds, capturing the attention of public wherever they go. These dogs weigh around 200 pounds. Since they are gigantic, you can imagine the kind of fear they can pose on an opponent. Even if you are fond of dogs, when you look at it suddenly, it can startle you. However, Great Danes must be trained with adequate exercises. On the other hand, if you fail to give the kind of attention it requires, it starts to rebel. Long walks are necessary for this dog breed.

No 8: Alaskan Malamutes

2016 most dangerous dog
Alaskan Malamutes weigh around 100 lbs and are very intelligent breeds. Just like Huskies, these are very energetic. However, when their energy is not used positively, they can turn aggressive.

No 7: Wolf Hybrid

2016 most dangerous dog
All dogs are descendants of wolves, but many of today’s dog species are still directly crossbred with these wild animals. Because of the inherent danger in breeding a wild animal with a domestic one, these dogs are often extremely skittish and unpredictable, to the point that many states have made it illegal to own a wolf hybrid. The CDC determined that wolf hybrids were responsible for the deaths of 14 people in the United States from 1979 to 1998.

No 6: Husky

Although Huskies look puffy and soft, reports say that 15 people have died in the last 20 years because of them. Like the Malamute, the Husky is primarily known as a sled dog. Huskies are athletic and energetic dogs. Since these dogs are very energetic, they should be taken on regular walks. A well-trained Huskey will be very loyal to its family’s lives.


2016 most dangerous dog
These dogs are very independent. However, when they are not bred with proper attention, they easily turn aggressive. As one of the top ten most dangerous dogs, it weighs around 70 lbs.

No 4: German Shepherd

2016 most dangerous dog
“German Shepherd” is a very intelligent and powerful animal. However, they are reported to be more dangerous too. That’s why it has raised them to 4th in the list of top ten most dangerous dogs. These dogs can serve you loyal but when they are not treated well, they can be dangerous too.

No 3: Boxer

2016 most dangerous dog
Even though “Boxer” is listed one among the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds, by nature these are not so aggressive. Boxers are very intelligent and hard to train. Since these dogs stay energetic the entire day, their energy has to be utilized in positive ways.

No 2:Rottweilers 

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breed in 2016

Rottweilers weigh around 100 to 130 lbs and occupy second place in my list of “top 10 most dangerous dog breeds”. As a territorial animal, these can guard your home really well. Most owners of Rottweilers find them bit soft. But they can get aggressive if they are not trained right.

No 1: Pitbull

dog training
Pitbulls weighs around 55 to 65 lbs. If you are someone, who is not familiar with almost all the dog breeds, then I am sure, seeing a “Pitbull” in the list of “top 10 most dangerous dogs” must be a big surprise. When compared to other dog breeds, death rates caused by Pitpulls are far higher. Due to its aggressive nature, some state governments have even banned breeding of Pitbulls.

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