Facebook is known to give out rewards to users who find out flaws.


This time, a 10-year old who is not on Facebook found a flaw in Instagram owned by Facebook, which earned him $10,000 from the social media platform.

The flaw that Jani found let him delete text posted by an Instagram user by getting into Instagram servers says Mashable. This made him win the bug bounty.

  The ten years old boy told Finnish news, he can delete any text posted by any Instagram user.

The flaw was carried out after Jani created a test account. Jani said he could even delete comments posted by anyone by exploiting this flaw.

 Jani’s father said, Jani and his twin brother have found security bugs in a lot of websites and applications, but none of them were important enough to be rewarded to handsomely.

 According to Mashable; Facebook has paid out a total of $936,000 to 210 researchers in 2015


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