Man Kills his 9months old Baby

A father who killed his nine-month-old son by violently shaking him and causing “catastrophic injuries”, has been jailed for eight years.

Stephen Ward, 25, was found guilty of the 2014 manslaughter of his son Jordan by inflicting injuries at the family home in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

Bristol Crown Court was told medical tests showed Jordan’s injuries could not have been inflicted by accident.
Ward was said to have a history of losing his temper when Jordan cried.
Image captionThe court heard that medical tests concluded Jordan Ward’s injuries were not the result of an accident
The baby’s mother, Paula Watts, told the court she once heard Ward slap Jordan when he was crying but he had told her he had just “tapped” their son.
Jordan lived with his mother Paul Watts and Stephen Ward at a flat in Burge Court in Cirencester
Ms Watts said she confronted Ward about Jordan’s injuries after the baby had been admitted to hospital.
She said: “I asked him to look me in the eyes and swear on my life that he hadn’t done anything. He said he hadn’t.”
9months old Baby

Det Ch Insp Steve Bean said Ward “denied any wrongdoing”, claiming Jordan had “choked then lost consciousness whilst he was feeding him” and “even tried to suggest that his ex-partner Paula might have been responsible”.

He said the tragedy of Jordan’s death was “beyond description” and paid tribute to Ms Watts, adding Ward will “have to live with what he has done for the rest of his life”.

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