Why We Need Understanding Part 2

The Lack of understanding of God’s words and His ways makes a believer look like a sinner (Pro. 21:16).  As a result, he will abide in the congregation of the dead, suffering. it is the ways of God that commands the act of God!

How to get Understanding

Engage your spirit man. The reason many are frustrated in church is that they have not come to understand the system or ways of grasping the truth. When you are not in the spirit, you cannot appreciate any truth of scriptures.

You have to be in the spirit to appreciate the truth being communicated to you (Rev. 1:10; 4:1-2).The pursuit of revelation or understanding, it is required that you be in the spirit. You can’t find God with your head; you can only find God with your heart (1Cor. 2:11-13).

It is with your spirit that you can grasp the things that are freely given to you of God, because the Holy spirit can only communicate with your spirit, not with your soul (Rom 8:16).
The spirit of man is the candle of the lord with which we search to find whatever things are missing.

Without engaging your spirit, your search will be endless (Is.26:9). If you are not in the spirit, you cannot hear from Heaven; and faith cometh by hearing, and hearing the word of God.

If you cannot hear, you cannot believe and since you cannot believe, you cannot see, understand and appreciate those things that are freely given to you in scriptures.

So, it’s time to engage your spirit man in your search. It’s not enough to be studious; it’s much more important to ensure you are in the spirit when on your search for the truth. When your spirit man is able to grasp the truth of scriptures, then all your needs will be met.

The depth of one’s spiritual understanding is what determines the dimension of manifestations he can command.

I pray that God gives you UNDERSTANDING. God Bless you

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