Why We Need Understanding – Part 1

Understanding is all that faith requires to come alive. 

But what is Understanding?

It is being able to see what God is saying. An understanding of the word of God is your most valuable asset in your journey as a Christian.

Understanding is the only thing that distinguishes one believer from another. There is no substitute for understanding. Fasting is a waste of time and religious punishment without understanding. Prayer is a religious oppression as well without understanding. This is because everything in the kingdom produces to the level of your understanding.

In the account of the parable of the  sower in Matt 13:18-23, Jesus said the seeds that fell  on good ground, are those with a good and honest heart, who received the word and understand them, and so went on to produce more fruits, some a hundred-fold, others sixty, and others thirty.

The only variable among the factors listed is their understanding. The seeds that produced all fell on good grounds, they were all honest people, but their understanding varied. So, it is the depth of your understanding of truths of scriptures that determines the heights of your triumph in life.

The Bible is full of treasures. It is the will of the God for his children; but will only be delivered to them according to their understanding. Your understanding of the will (the Bible) is what determines which blessings or provisions contained therein you have access to.

When you understand his ways, you will be in command of his acts. Moses was in command of his acts because he understood God’s ways. That was why Moses could get water out of the rock and the sea to give way (ps.103:7)


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