10 Lies She actually tells you that means Something else

1. I’m not feeling fine, I can’t see you today…….
I’m not in the mood to see you and might not be in the mood anytime soon.


2. I have to go home, my dad does not let me stay out late……
Once I finish this piece of food, I’m done with what I came here to do. Bye ya

3. My first time was with my ex,…..
I haven’t had sex since that first time We might have sex, but I don’t expect you to think it was easy. Just assume its a special day or you are special.

4. We need to define this relationship, what are we?
     When, where and how are we getting married?

5. I need to change my wardrobe Plain and simple –
You need to change my wardrobe. (Also applies to other “I need to” e.g “I need to get a new bag”)

6. I don’t want to ruin our friendship, let’s just be friends We can’t date, I’m not on your level. I’ll only be needing you to run some little errands.

7. I can’t see my period
Get worried, you might be a daddy soon.

8. I need some time to think about it
 Call me again tomorrow, boyfriend.

9. Whatever you decide It’s actually a test –
 “Do whatever you decide and be prepared for what happens next”

10. I don’t want your girlfriend to pour hot water on my head I’m feeling you,
do you have a girlfriend?


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