UK Claims to Have a Video Of Boko Haram Raping Chibok girls

UK tabloid, The Sunday Times Magazine, claims its reporters have seen videos of the Nigeria’s Chibok school girls being raped over and over again by Boko Haram terrorists until they passed out.
In an investigation by Christina Lamb for the Sunday Times Magazine, Ms Lamb reports: ‘They film schoolgirls being raped over and over again until their scream become silent Os.’

Some of the girls who managed to escape reportedly told Ms Lamb they were kept in ‘women’s prisons’ where they were taught about Islam. Boko Haram fighters would visit and pick their wives.

The girls were powerless to resist as even then the men would be heavily armed. They were shown videos of people being raped, tortured and killed as a threat of what would happen to them if they tried to run away.

Also, Dr Andrew Pocock, the former British high commissioner to Nigeria, said UK and US authorities knew the location of the girls after they were kidnapped, but experts felt nothing could be done.

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