See why Amaechi wants Boko Haram to be paid

Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi has aired his view on the Niger Delta amnesty programme.
  1. Amaechi wants Boko Haram to be paid
    Speaking during an interview session which aired on CHANNELS TV the minister said because Niger Delta militants were paid to drop their arms, boko haram terrorists should also be paid. 

    ”Those supporting and sponsoring violence must stop. If you don’t encourage these criminals, they won’t be doing what they are doing. That was why I did not support the Amnesty Programme because I believe that, if you break the law, you must be punished. 

    ”You don’t pay a lawbreaker because, if you do, you embolden him or her. I predicted that if you pay militants in the South, you must pay to militants in the North too. So, if Boko Haram members come out now to demand that they want to be paid to lay down their arms, why shouldn’t we pay them? Or if MASSOB members say they will stop their protests but they want amnesty, what do we do?”.

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