There are some tunes you keep humming or nodding to years after their release and you suddenly wonder why the artiste is no longer making more hits. Here are 10 artistes we’ve missed.

We all love amazing comebacks, right? The Nigerian music industry is one that stays buzzing with fresh talent every now and then. 
However, too many artistes sound alike and this leaves me desiring the return of some amazing talents who have been missing in action for the past few years.
Here are some Nigerian music stars whose comeback will likely create a big buzz in the music industry that music lovers will surely be appreciative of:
1. Stereoman
“Sample… ekwe!” You can’t remember that song? What cave have you been living in or when were you born?
Stereoman came with a whole new feel in the Nigerian music industry and made our local sounds to be desired once again. His energy on stage could be compared to none and everything appeared to be going well for him until he had to deal with a murder case.
In case you don’t remember, he was once a Glo ambassador. The return of Stereoman to the Nigerian musical industry will likely bring a breath of fresh air to the music industry.
2. Iceberg Slim
It is not enough to attend events, feature in songs and make cameo appearances in videos. Iceberg Slim is too promising a rapper to be missing in action musically.
He still comes correct when featured on the song of others but it is time for Iceberg to return to the studio and push out that work which will may make his fellow rappers sit up.
Meanwhile he needs to retire that ‘I am in the club throwing cash like paper plane’ (or something like that) line.
3. Kelly Hansome
Kelly Hansome is a super-talented singer and producer whose career has unfortunately been clouded by controversies. Issues with the former label he was signed on to and rift with industry colleagues may have plagued his career but his musical prowess cannot be denied.
Despite being on and off in the music industry, Kelly’s throne remains unoccupied. If he can flip the script on us with an amazing album, he will win his massive fan base back.
4. W4
Bring back W4! Not the W4 that sang ‘Solo’, ‘Amen’ and ‘Temperature’ but the rebranded W4 who sang ‘Control’, ‘Like Father,Like Son’ and ‘Dance’.
Just when W4 appeared to have graduated from the New Afrikaan Shrine, rebranded himself into an afrobeat artiste and set the industry ablaze with ‘Control’, he went into oblivion. Mr Wonder, get back to making afrobeat music ASAP! Return with those dance moves too.
5. Kel
Her debut album, “The Investment” was not so much of a good investment as it didn’t really make an impact in the Nigerian hip-hop scene.
However, Kel invested properly in her branding as she became the darling of many. You remember one of her songs ‘Waa Waa Alright’ was a big anthem in the country. She was the only lady on the Headies 2011 theme song, ‘A Prize To Die For’ which featured Banky W, M.I; that is proof that she was quite influential at some point.
I don’t really care where she has been and what she has been up to, I just know she still got a place in the hearts of music lovers.
6. Freestyle
Dope rapper no doubt! Freestyle is one of those hip-hop artistes who helped shape the industry in Nigeria.
From his days with the defunct Trybesmen, Mfon Essien had been coming correct. You remember ‘OK’ and ‘Sip Easy’? Forget it, Freestyle na baba! He is better than half the Nigerian rappers currently screaming ‘best rapper alive’. Whatever happened to Freestyle, I think the industry still needs him.
7. Six Foot Plus
I can’t keep quiet anymore because ‘E don do me’. Towering Nigerian hip-hop icon, Six Foot Plus is in a class of his own even while missing in action. The University of Nigeria alumnus is a legend in his own right and having him flip the script on us with a surprise album will be a big plus for the Nigerian hip-hop scene.
8. Styl Plus
The trio of Shifi, Tunde and Zeal were simply amazing in the early 2000’s. Those guys can really sing. The young men took Nigeria by storm from their Abuja base in 2006 with the release of their debut album, “Expressions. They made us all want to fall in love over and over again.
The group really expressed itself on that debut album with well written and perfectly delivered love songs. The album had such a clear definition and still sounds fresh till date; such a timeless complilation. Songs like ‘Olufunmi’, ‘Call My Name’, ‘Runaway’and ‘Imagine That’ can not be forgotten in a hurry. Even when they tweaked their sound a bit by releasing ‘Iya Basira’, they still came correct.
Their sophomore album, “Back and Better” released in 2008 was underwhelming especially when compared to the first. The most notable song on the album was ‘Four Years’
In December 2012, Tunde Akinsanmi went solo. Shifi and Zeal have managed to stay together but we have not really heard from them except for one or two rare appearances at events.
Now that one of the only surviving groups in Nigeria, P-Square is threatening to split, I guess it could be the perfect time for the resurgence of Nigeria’s ‘Boyz 2 Men’, Styl Plus.
Which Nigerian artistes currently missing in action will you love to see stage a quality comeback? Let us know in the comments section.

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