NA WAH! Police Arrest 8 years Old Boy

MEN of the Ogun State Police Command have arrested Oyindamola Onimole an eight-year-old pupil at Prospect Primary School in Akute for reporting a teacher in the school identified as Mrs Oni to his mother for beating him.   
In a bizarre and unprecedented case, the either year old was detained at the Ajuwon Police Station after being arrested for reporting the teacher. Apparently, Mrs Oni, who is the wife of one of the policemen at the station, had maltreated Oyindamola at school and the pupil reported her to his mother, Mrs Nimota Onimole, who visited the school and complained about the assault.   

After the mother left, the teacher was said to have descended on the child again for daring to report her to his mother. After school hours, the teacher called her husband and he stormed the house of the pupil and arrested the minor.   One source said: “When Mrs Onimole returned from work about 10pm, neighbours told her about the ordeal of her son. 

She left for the police station to ascertain what had happened but the mother, who went to the police station to bail her child, was also detained.”   Oyindamola’s father, Olalekan Onimole, confirmed that his wife and son were detained by the police. He expressed outrage at the detention of the minor, saying he would contact his lawyer to take the matter up.   

Mr Onimole said: “At about 6.30pm, the teacher and her policeman husband, went to our house and forcibly took my son using an okada motorcycle to pick up my son. When my wife returned about 10pm and got to the station around 10.30pm, requesting to get her child released, she was equally detained at the station.  

 “All this happened because of the influence of the teacher, whose husband happened to be a policeman at the station. My two remaining children slept alone at home that night and I had to consult a lot of people to wade in and get justice for my family.”  

 Yesterday at about 12pm, Oyindamola and his mother were released by the police and it does not appear that they were charged with any offence. It is not yet clear if the Onimole’s have filed a civil suit yet.

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