The Power Of Infatuation!


A Romantic relationships always start with soothing yet funny sensation called INFATUATION, Sometimes it  simply starts with a CRUSH

INFATUATION is a state of mind which results from a romantic attraction towards someone that typically includes traits like obsessiveness, a strong desire to develop a relationship with the other person and inevitable fantasies related to that person. An explosion of hormones occurs which triggers the thought, “I want this person to be in my life forever.”

 Your heart starts troubling as soon as you start thinking about that person. You feel butterflies in your stomach when he/she calls you. You give all your utmost attention while reading his/her texts, sometimes you read it over and over again. You correct your text till perfection before you press send. The waiting time for that person to text you back feel like eternity. When you see that person you experience a twitch and there it is- a smile to die for! Your heart nearly skips a beat. You completely get carried away by unreasoning passion. You get addicted to the importance given to you. Everything around you seems like a paradise created by your own fantasies. This euphoria totally consumes you.Romantic interest leads to overestimation of similarities. Of course, older and wiser people tell you that it’s only hormones, but it’s next to impossible to believe. It feels like so much more. It is extremely hard to spot even a single trace of a negative quality in the other person. Your mind is constantly lost in the charismatic beloved of yours.

The Power Of Infatuation!

 One of the major cause of Infatuation is Physical attraction; it happens to be one of the crucial reasons for a person falling for someone. Beauty attracts you, and you feel like being physically close to that special person. It becomes harder to get away from this feeling, as you are gripped by the strong forces of attraction. Although choice varies from person to person. After all beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. The eagerness to find someone who treats you special, and actually getting that attention, can be a serious cause for infatuation. Other major causes include ‘Loneliness’ which pulls you into this short lived passion.

So to save oneself from a treacherous heartache, one should understand the difference between infatuation and love before taking a major step forward. ‘Infatuation is the state of being completely lost in the emotion of unreasoning desire while “LOVE” is an intense feeling of deep affection. Love imbibes a sense of commitment, faithfulness and contentment. Infatuation eventually fades away within a few months whereas true love deepens with the passage of time. Infatuation when over, results in harsh consequences or a heartbreak whereas love leaves an imprint of stability in one’s life.
          To conclude, I would like to say that it is completely normal for every person to experience infatuation, but one should remember that it is a deceptive feeling and one should never be mistake it for genuine love.

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