Man Stabs His Girlfriend in Minna over Infection

Man Stabs His Girlfriend in Minna

A man has been captured for killing his sweetheart since she gave him gonorrhea.

As indicated by a police report, 31-year-old Ekanem Ikot wounded his 27-year-old girlfriend, Edith Owei, to death in a guest house in Minna, Niger State.

The crime was found after Ikot sent an instant message to Owei’s sister admitting to the crime.

Owei who was a graduate of Ambrose Alli University, ventured out to class to gather her NYSC call letter yet didn’t return for quite a long time. Her family got to be concerned after it was found her telephone number was inaccessible.

Edith’s sister, Felicia got the confession through a message days later. The boyfriend admitted to the slaughtering and uncovered the area of the cadaver.

The family alarmed the police and they connected with a Niger State division which affirmed the homicide to be valid.

Ikot and Owei had been dating for six month until he found he was tainted with Gonorrhea. He then arranged her homicide by tricking her to an inn in Niger where he cut her different times.

The casualty’s body has been stored at the Federal Medical Center Hospital in Asaba.

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