Kendrick Lamar Announces Lyric Contest on Twitter

Kendrick Lamar Announces Lyric
Will the real Kendrick Lamar fans please stand up? 
The untitled unmastered rapper has announced that he’s holding a lyric contest on Twitter at 4 p.m. PST Wednesday. He’ll be tweeting out eight questions — one about each of his new album’s eight songs — focusing on their lyrics. The first participant to reply with the correct answer (as well as the hashtag #untitledlyrics) will win a t-shirt, hat, and backpack. Participants are instructed to “get your copy now and listen to the lyrics closely because these will not be easy!” Find the full details below.
Kendrick Lamar Announces Lyric Contest on Twitter

Lamar’s latest album has taken the music world by storm since its surprise release late on March 3. The introspective piece of work contains demos from Lamar’s last album, To Pimp a Butterfly, that are untitled and unmastered — just as the title says.

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